Blog Post: From The Desk of _______

I used to find it laughable. The pretentious  “from the desk of” prelap that used to dot the sales letters of old school copywriters or people of self-anointed authority. The writer’s equivalent of a red corvette. An overcompensatory, “look at me, I’m big sh*t” battlecry, that in perfect obedience to the law of parallelism, nearly […]

Liquidate Your Best Stuff (Part 1 of 2)

Word Count: 720  |  Time to Read: 4 Minutes  | When I was 21, I wrote a screenplay called “Bull and Chain”. Set in the south, it was about a 70 year old rodeo clown named Jib and his romantically-inept family. In his will, Jib offers up a million dollar inheritance to whichever one of […]