Word Count: 475  |  Time Needed to Create Human Life: 5 micro seconds  |


Dear Son,

10 Things To Know Before You Come Into This World

1. Your parents already love the sh*t out of you. Sure, you may only be the size of an over-ripened avocado, but your pea-sized heart beats loud enough to send seismic shivers up and down our chakra systems.

2. You’re coming 5 years early. Maybe you didn’t get the memo. Maybe you’re the kinda guy who shows up to parties while the host is still prepping the snack table (it’s ok, I was “that guy”)…. Or maybe you simply threw your metaphorical middle fingers to our 5 year game plan and said “screw it, i’m coming”. Either way, It appears you think we’re ready for the lessons you’re coming here to teach. I promise you… we are.

3. We’re not perfect. Not even close. You’re gonna come into this world, looking at us like we have it all figured out. Sometimes we will. Other times we won’t. Trust in your wisdom. It’s gotten you this far

Speaking of which…

4. You’re a miracle beyond miracles. I won’t be surprised if you start levitating the moment we cut the cord. Please watch out for the ceiling fan and amazon drones.

5. True story: Your mom and I were 99.9999% sure you’d be a girl. Which probably makes you 99.9999% sure we’re bat-sh*t crazy and have no idea what we’re talking about. That said, if you ever choose ballet slippers over football cleats, we’ll 100% support it.

6. People will tell you you’re being womb-dropped into this world during a “crazy time”plagued by fear and intolerance. Part of me wishes to warn you of this. A wiser part of me feels you already know this — and are coming here to help balance the scales.

7. On April 30th, your mom and I played a game of uterus karaoke. Quite sure you preferred Leonard Cohen. Sue insists Beyonce was your jam. Please confirm.

8. I have an aversion to changing diapers. I’ll do my best to not look at you like you’re some kinda gross little creature… but if I do, please don’t take it personally.

9. Your mom and I are intoxicated by life and its ever-unfolding journey.

We’ve burnt the blueprints, flipped the paradigms and live a rich life of full expression. It took awhile to develop the courage to do that – and the knowledge that it was even possible. If we have it our way, you’ll know this from Day 0… and never let anyone convince you otherwise.

10. Sorry in advance about the thin hair. Trust me, it won’t hurt your chances. #askyourmom

Bonus Item: 

That shot below in Costa Rica was your first *official picture*. Little did those two wanderlusting fools know that you were lurking deep within those pixels. We were living our dream. And the best part is… we still are.